ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE – Defend Your House In opposition to House Invasions

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We formally dwell in crazy instances – and it appears to be like that evidently issues are handiest going to bag much extra crazy

The enviornment used to be not too lengthy previously on excessive nuclear alert, organized crime and scams are rampant,
empty shelves like change into frequent and home invasions are occurring in huge daylight

What took design to the upright and straight forward existence we archaic to know?

As soon as I used to be a toddler, my Dad didn’t even lock the front door – day or night. We understanding nothing of it!

We had no understanding how fortunate we had been to dwell in such mute instances.

The upright extinct days are formally over…

Or not it’s undeniable for all to glance that there is been a large vogue in fresh times against disrespect for the rule of law. Crimes are occurring that
had been unthinkable support in the day.

There are moreover original home security dangers that never archaic to exist:

ANYONE can launch up researching you online and doubtlessly learn
where you dwell, how much cash which you may as well like got, whenever which which you’ll seemingly be a ways from home and where your vulnerabilities are!

And they like got original, extra mighty ruin-in tools now too.

You is also being targeted and like NO understanding what’s about to happen unless BAM your door comes flying off, and in they advance with machetes

But which which you’ll seemingly be ready to conclude them IN THEIR TRACKS – if how.

Regarded as one of your most VITAL priorities is to make your design as trusty as it would presumably be for you and your family.
Attain NOT disappear this to likelihood – seriously! Or not it’s an absolute MUST to retain the defective guys out and seriously attach them off even thinking about making an strive to put off what’s not theirs to put off
– or worse, making an strive to hurt you or your liked ones.

I desire my mates and readers to preserve in actual fact helpful. So I created an perfect original 145-page book on home security:


ultimate home defense

I with out a doubt like poured in EVERYTHING I with out a doubt like learned over a protracted time of survival and preparedness coaching and being a “security obsessed homeowner”
in additional than one nation, in each city and nation-vow environments. Or not it’s doubtlessly existence-saving records and I plot not think there may be the rest else fancy it.
You already know my work – and I fetch that is the BEST survival tutorial I with out a doubt like ever written:

“Ten Layers Of House Defense??” Nope, not enough!

Preppers and security consultants discuss “The ten layers of home defense” and whereas much of this records (i.e. Canadian Prepper) is extremely upright,
I plot not think it goes wherever advance a ways enough and is now considerably outdated.

My machine is a ways extra entire and has 25 effectively-understanding-out layers, plus additional methods for
instances of siege and war!

Each of these 25 layers has its occupy chapter in the book – with quite a bit of worthwhile security methods and records! Take a look at out the list:

Here Are My 25 Layers Of House Defense:

1: Topic, Topic, Topic!

– necessary methods on learn the blueprint to carry a design to dwell that at once lowers your likelihood of a condo assault.

2: Invisibility, Decoy And Subversion

– ways to be clear would-be attackers don’t even know you exist!

3: OpSec

– ANY security machine is handiest as upright because the oldsters who exercise it! Fantastic necessary chapter.

4: Neighborhood / Native Intel

– the finest ways to bag your local neighborhood “to your aspect” and work together effectively as a team to retain the defective guys away.

5: Perimeter Fencing

– all kinds of perimeter fencing evaluated with professionals, cons and set up methods.

6: Early Warning Systems

– including some perfect ones which you may never like understanding of. These can give you an improbable edge and doubtlessly attach the day!

7: Signage

– the finest signs to warn off and dissuade skill home attackers, with links to where to carry the signs online.

8: Gates / Driveways / Automobile Attack Defenses

– quite a bit of tactics and insights to trusty your gates and conclude ALL entry by undesired vehicles.

9: Physical Impediments And Barriers

– the finest ideas, plus these you need to undoubtedly NOT exercise (would design off huge considerations)!

10: Surveillance Cameras

– digicam methods explored plus a ton of suave set up tricks to dramatically give a occupy to your machine’s effectiveness!

11: Security Personnel

– plus methods for maintaining watch if the safety personnel “is you”.

12: Locks And Their Attack Vectors

– Many of ingredient on selecting the finest locks – including which kinds of padlock are most productive against brute pressure attacks and
which lasted the longest against legit lockpicks in precise tests!

13: Exterior Doorways

– in-depth piece with alternate solutions for true about every assemble of door assault which which you’ll seemingly be ready to bring to mind (and some you presumably never understanding about!)

14: House windows

– elephantine document, including which window films desires to be done with out, plus perfect demonstrations of improbable security windows that design off elephantine
sledgehammer blows to true bounce upright off, leaving rarely a heed!
Also contains links to the supreme level (UL 752 level 8) ballistic-rated windows that are immune to excessive powered rifle rounds.

15: Inside of Doorways

– extra necessary than of us heed! Your inside doorways can genuinely attach your existence. Some superb methods in here – as effectively as perfect security upgrades ranging your entire design from $5 to $10,000!

16: Key OpSec aka. “Keys In The Wild”

– a huge list of distinguished tricks to be clear your keys don’t tumble into the execrable hands, including some you presumably never understanding of
(it be necessary to know this, seriously!!)

17: Canines

18: Safes And Vaults

– plot the finest blueprint to supply protection to a trusty from being broken into?

19: “Swiftly Response” Maintaining Hardware

– the finest materials and tools to love on hand for speedily emergency home repairs in a “project”.

20: You: Self Defense / Your Combating Means / Cease Fight Expertise

21: Superior Rooms aka. Terror Rooms

– including each low-value range home-made setups and excessive-value custom installs.

INTERLUDE: SHTF / Lawless Zone / Battle Zone Security Systems

– deep insights that can with out a doubt bag survivalists thinking!

22: Secret Rooms / Secret Passages / Concealed Escapes / Scamper Holes

– I doubt which which you may glance this detailed data in other home security guides! I’ve received you lined.

23: Private Bunkers

– plot you wish your occupy bunker? Mavens and cons, plus necessary methods on getting it done upright.

24: Elite / Excessive Security Bunkers and “Bunker Networks”

You presumably may perchance not need this chapter unless you’re an “ultra excessive earn rate particular individual” – nonetheless it completely will represent you ways deep the rabbit gap with out a doubt goes…

25: Rehearse & Pen Take a look at!

– learn the blueprint to take a look at your defense methods and be clear you’re PREPARED for the rest!

That you just may glance that this book goes DEEP! But it completely’s thoroughly organized and clear. There are ideas here that which which you may as well not glance in
other security guides and that is upright because that is the stuff that may perchance give you a precise edge.

They’ll also not be ready for this…

Net ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE Appropriate Now And Score Action To Defend Your House:

I’ve included each passe and unconventional ways, excessive tech and low tech gear, excessive value range and low value range alternate solutions!
I’ve linked to the finest security gear I may perchance procure (at all mark points) and linked to a obedient option of movies where locks, windows and doorways
are tested to the limit so which which you’ll seemingly be ready to with out a doubt glance what works!

60 Day Plump Warranty:

bad man

I can’t imagine which you may desire to – nonetheless in the occasion you do not esteem it which which you’ll seemingly be ready to bag a no-bother refund in elephantine inside 60 days.

Upon occupy which which you may at once earn a hyperlink to train download of your 145-page book.
There’s no up-sell or other hoops it be necessary to leap via. You bag the elephantine direction.
Product is in PDF file layout which is ready to be learn by Adobe Acrobat, Apple “Preview” and extra.
Here’s a one-time handiest price with nothing ordinary. No “rebill” project. No tricks. No “upsell”.
Your investment is moreover lined by the genuine 60-day no-quibble guarantee of my perfect online retailer (Clickbank).

Whenever you do not bag improbable, doubtlessly lifesaving value from this data, which which you’ll seemingly be ready to bag a elephantine refund. Unpleasant and straight forward.

About Me:

me because the “nameless” proprietor of two websites on survivalism – Off Grid and My Family Survival Belief.

I’m a “excessive IQ individual” and unconventional out-of-the-box thinker who has studied security huge (amongst many other subject matters).

I’ve moreover studied medieval defense tactics and I streak a web sites on castles; these ancient structures, curiously, had many security
methods and defensive methods that we can peaceful learn a large deal from in the 21st century!

As soon as I used to be a toddler, I used to be a top-flight tutorial student – and used to be entered in a National arithmetic opponents on the age of 14.
I ended up settling on being an just legit researcher / author and had been constructing tutorial websites for nearly 20 years.

I’ve moreover had a truly extraordinary and adventurous existence that has taught me a large deal…

I’ve experienced some notoriously sketchy locations over time: Oakland and Richmond (California), Brixton (London) support in the day
(including getting robbed at 4am on a support avenue in the 90’s – that used to be hairy!), St. Pauls (Bristol, UK), Tenderloin & Lower Haight
(San Francisco – I used to be once standing not up to 20 yards a ways from a lethal taking pictures in the Tenderloin), Downtown LA, Detroit and Chicago… and
once taking what I understanding used to be a temporary in the good deal of (huge mistake) that resulted in accidentally getting lost in
the deep redwood forests of Humboldt County – where the avenue signs like bullet holes in them, the weed growers are paranoid
and driving down the execrable grime avenue may perchance bag you into huge peril.

I’ve moreover had the pains to wish to address stalkers of the unpleasant style on extra than one occasion (Accurate ones. Those scenarios
pushed me to bag very serious about home defense – I had no option!)

Also in my 20’s I used to be once held up in a truly weird incident that “came out of nowhere” on a mute summer season day
– by a deranged man I had never considered sooner than in my existence, who used to be wielding a 4×2 and used to be convinced that I had robbed him (I obviously hadn’t).

That crazy, surreal incident certain used to be a lesson in maintaining a fab head… nonetheless it completely moreover taught me that
genuinely the rest can happen to somebody, wherever, at any time.

Please do not omit that.

Something else can happen to somebody, wherever, at any time!

Defend your design and don’t let it happen to you:

Cybercrime And Accurate Lifestyles Crime Are Interconnected:

bad man

Here is de facto necessary to heed: Many of us don’t heed that attacks to your design now most continuously launch up with online study.

That you just would be in a position to perchance be amazed at what of us can procure out about you from records you post willingly!
Some Londoners like now entirely deleted their Instagram accounts attributable to VERY REAL security concerns – that is how defective it has gotten!

That you just may as well very effectively be at likelihood. And also you is also being targeted with out even intelligent.

My book covers necessary steps to put off and original habits to adopt that can make it much extra complex for somebody to launch up
digging up your data online.

Discover this taken care of asap!

Defend Your House And Your Loved Ones Now!

Neatly being, wealth, relationships and security are, in general speaking, our most pressing concerns in existence.
They are the foundations on which a ecstatic existence is constructed. Whenever which you may as well like got all of this stuff, you’re in upright shape.

I am hoping which which you may procure much here that can level up your “security mindset”, talents, gear and must let you preserve in actual fact helpful.
Let’s walk!


Do You Recognize These 4 Home Security Massive Fails

Graphic © myfamilysurvivalplan.com / off-grid.data. Characterize – Unsplash (PD)

1) This hasp is sizable thin, NOT hardened, and may perchance EASILY be snipped originate with a pocket-sized hand-held mini spin cutter in about two seconds (or a $6 junior hacksaw in below a minute!)
SOLUTION: Upgrade to a double-thickness hardened hasp such as this one.

2) Latch is held on with fundamental screws – may perchance be taken off silently in a few seconds with a Philips screwdriver. MEGA fail!
SOLUTION: Expend stainless-steel carriage bolts fancy these ones (dome top) on the originate air, double locking nuts on the inside, ideally with a steel plate on the inside to make drilling extra not easy – or match a heavy responsibility hardened hasp such as this one which covers the bolts when closed.

3) This padlock is extinct, low-value and is “originate shackle” – which permits easy insertion of a steel rod, undergo claw or crowbar. One upright lever with regarded as one of many above and it be off. It would possibly also moreover potentially be popped with a hammer and funky chisel in a single upright strike. Fully unnecessary. SOLUTION: A heavy responsibility, excessive advantageous closed shackle padlock such as this one will make it much, much more difficult to ruin in.

4) Latch is held on with a fundamental nut on the originate air – ridiculously easy to undo!
SOLUTION: Build aside the spin the upright design round so that the nut is on the inside!! (and exercise a domed top coach spin or lined hasp, as above).

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